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  1. Sultan, I disagree somewhat. We have oriiagzatnons that could/should be organizing forces. But instead, most of them (ADL, for example) are suicidal. I'm getting very fed up with our little tribe. Is there any other group on earth that so relentless behaves in ways that are completely contrary to their best interests, to their very survival? When did this begin? How did we get here?

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  100. Is it all right to "jump to conclusions" now? It does seem to be pretty obvious that Hasan is a jihadist. I had to laugh at Napolitano's Dubai message that we are doing everything in our power to make sure no Muslims suffer as a consequence of the shootings at Fort Hood. Maybe she can let us know how many mosques have been attacked or Muslims beat up or killed because of Hasan. As far as I know the answer is zero. It galls me to know the fed was aware of this Islamist and did absolutely nothing to stop him.

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  572. Elaine, thanks for spurring us on to go deeper with God all the time. Makes me think of the deep, deep love of God…Thanks also for keeping us updated on how to pray for you. I'll be hoping and praying that your soreness will ease some more by the time they have to place the port. May God strengthen you for the days ahead. Love & Prayers headed your way!

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  592. i agree completely. just because one person went to college and studied in a particular major and doesn’t necessarily amount to anything in that field, it doesn’t mean that that major was a scam by the college. The point of school isn’t just to go but to take what you learn and apply it to your life in order to better your future.

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