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  581. Thank you for this wonderful post! I’m trying to write and live with gratitude each day, giving thanks for this amazing life, and all the blessings packed into it. The simple act of giving thanks, and developing an attitude of gratitude has changed my life for good.

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  588. Since I am living in a tropical country, I always like the idea of snuggling by a fire with your loved ones, or with a cup of a steaming chocolate milk overlooking falling snows from your window, or simply listening to Michael Bublé with a good novel in my lap. Bliss! (my imagination working over time )

  589. Just wanted to wish you and yours a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving.I so can relate to your T13 list 🙂 – God is good – all the time. I am glad that I have four days with my Sweetheart…

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  624. May 26, 2010 at 5:43 pm Thanks for the kind words, ladies. It's been a tough month with the loss of my dad and our beloved family dog within two weeks of each other. Strangely enough, I'm inspired to write again. It's always been my path to personal expression and I'm hoping I'll be bringing something new and true to the page in the coming months.

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  633. In my ministry I see so many hurting families from such tragedies as you have been through. I know it takes people like you who know what effect this has on everyone to help them work through to a meaningful life and to find some happiness through all the pain. God has a specific place for you and you will be blessed to serve those who go through such tragedies.I wish you the best in your life plan to serve others.Betty F.

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